FAQ – Bridge in A Box

Q: How soon will my Bridge in A Box ship?

A:  July 24, 2018, is the expected launch date for Bridge in A Box®.  After August 1, 2018, purchases will ship within three working days.  Expedited shipping can be requested.

Q: Which platforms support the Bridge in a Box® app?

A:  Apple and Android for use with Computers, Phones & Tablets.

Q: Which platforms support the Bridge in a Box® Video Tutorial?

A:  Vimeo. You must open an account with Vimeo to view the tutorial.  Opening an account can be done at no charge.  Vimeo can be used with Computers, Phones & Tablets.

Q: What system of bidding is used by the material?

A:  Basically a modern Standard American five-card major system.

Q: Can the access codes be shared with friends?

A:  Each access code is unique for four individuals.  More than four users per access code is prohibited.

Q: What if a part is missing in the package?

A:  Visit the help center and send us a message.

Q: What is the Return Policy?

A:  Returns are allowed for unopened packages.  Open packages may not be returned.

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