I opened 1, my partner bid 1 and my RHO passed.   I hold:

4   AQ7  AQJ93   KJ73

What should I bid?  Should I raise hearts?

Bid 2.  This hand has the potential to be a fabulous hand….especially if partner has five hearts.  2 shows at least nine cards in the minor suits and 12-17 HCPs.  1 only promises 3 cards, but when followed by a 2 bid the holding must be 5 and 4 or opener would have opened with clubs.

I am planning on my third bid being hearts if Responder makes any bid except 3NT.

Bidding hearts would promise three-cards in hearts.  Bidding diamonds, clubs and then hearts is called ‘bidding out your pattern’.  This bidding would show 1-3-5-4 or 0-3-5-5 or 0-3-6-4.   

Being willing  to bid at a high level also shows more than a minimum hand  around 15-17 HCPs.