Patty Welcomes Eli Jolley!

Eli Jolley is from Auburn, Alabama. He found Bridge at age 15 and was hooked – playing in local duplicate games and reading all the books – leading to Eli and his partner winning the first Youth North American Bridge Championship in 2008. There, he had the good fortune to meet Patty Tucker!

Patty has been a true mentor and inspiration ever since, helping to further Eli’s growth and impact in the magical world of Bridge. Now doubled in age, he’s a Ruby Life Master who’s partnered with Grand Masters and was a Semifinalist in Toronto’s Flight B GNT in 2017. He has coached the University of Chicago Bridge Team to 2nd Place in the North American Collegiate Champions, and currently mentors students at the Chicago Duplicate Bridge Club as well as many other Bridge enthusiasts of all levels.

Eli has since formalized his bridge coaching business and offers a unique Story-Based Approach – please visit to learn more. He’s thrilled to expand to teaching more group classes with Patty, and is grateful to have found his calling as bridge coach and professional who values life-long learning and process above all else. He believes in the power of maintaining a positive attitude while approaching each hand as an intriguing puzzle to be solved, and learning to see and communicate the inherent story that develops. And really looks forward to meeting you!