What would Patty do?

In this ongoing series, Patty will offer bidding advice for bridge hands.

For a chance to have your hand featured, email us at wwpd@bridgewithpatty.com or text it to 404-735-4779.  Pictures of hands are always appreciated.

Above: Patty Tucker in the Finals of the Platinum Pairs, a three day event only open to invited players and the most prestigious event in the ACBL.

Not Every Hand is a Winner

Should I bid Two-Way Checkback and sign-off at 2 ? (this question could have been asked of a standard auction also….should I bid 2 since I know partner has four diamonds)

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Low and Safe

What should I bid after Opener’s 2 rebid? I didn’t want to leave him there with a singleton.

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Bid your Shape

I get a lot of questions asking ‘What should I bid?’, most of those questions involve figuring out how to get more information. In this hand North has a very good hand but doesn’t know how high to go.

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Do the Math

1 opening bid seems clear to me. Yes, you have 20 HCPs, but you have a distributional hand and need to think about describing your shape as well as your HCPs.

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