Bridge in a Day

3-Part Zoom Lessons in March
1:30 – 3:30 PM EST
Part 1 – March 13th – FREE
Parts 2 & 3, March 20th & 27th – $50.00

Two-way Checkback (Part 1 & 2)

Tuesday, March 9th & 23rd
1:30 – 3:00 PM EST
Zoom Lesson, Handout & Shark Practice Hands

Beginning Bridge Lesson Series

There are several registration options: the entire series, partial series, or individual topics. Classes run from 1/18/21 to 4/15/21
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Atlanta Jr. Bridge - Zoom Lessons

Open to players 8 – 18
Sundays from 4:00 – 5:30 pm
Starts January 24th

Play and Post-Play Analysis

Play Bridge Base Online (BBO Instructions) and then get a post-play analysis by Patty Tucker.

This is an online method that will allow you to play alone, with a partner or with a table of friends, AND get a detailed analysis of each hand….the bidding, play, and defense! 

Bridge Chats on Vimeo

Whether your a beginner just starting out or an experienced player who needs some refresher & some new strategies, improve your bridge game with Bridge Chats. Learn more…

Bridge At-Home Learning

Patty has created a lot of ways to learn while you’re at home!


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First and foremost I hope you are well and safe. As you are aware the coronavirus has had a major effect on most aspects of life in the United States. Unfortunately, Bridge Classes are no different!  read more…

Bridge for Our Troops

Want to learn more?
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Patty's Bridge Memorabilia

Video series of vintage boards used for playing Bridge 60 – 100 years ago. Join Patty in looking at them from a modern viewpoint to analyze how the bidding and results would be if used today.

Bridge in A Box

Learn to play the ultimate strategy game!
Carefully crafted learning adventures created by a Grand Life Master to make easy to learn. Start playing right away and go at your own pace. Play with 3 others, alone or with a partner. Play at the table or in the app.
Ages 8 – 108
4 Players + Individual player option with Mobile/Computer App

Gift Certificate

For the bridge lover in your life…BRIDGE LESSONS

T.A.T.E Convention

The T.A.T.E. Convention is nearing completion.  Kevin and I have created a new bridge convention called TATE. Help us pick a photo for the dedication page! It will be used in a specific 2/1 Game Forcing bridge auction to clarify a second bid.  

Learn the basics of bridge or improve your game!

Learn how to play bridge, or polish your bidding knowledge, with Patty Tucker’s acclaimed bridge guides, bidding mats and instructional books.

Learn how to play bridge with Patty Tucker

Patty teaches the game of bridge and its conventions in a logical way. When you finish her class, you’ll understand the “why” behind each bridge lesson. Every class begins with a lesson; then several practice hands are played duplicate style; with groups of four students bidding and playing the hands to reinforce the concepts Patty presented that day.

One big benefit of learning and playing bridge is that the game exercises your brain. Besides being fun, you’ll see playing bridge helps with your memory, plus it helps in developing new planning, and strategy skills. We find bridge players see these benefits translate well in life!

ABTA – The Quarterly Magazine – The publication of the American Bridge Teacher’s Association recognizes Patty Tucker’s induction into the ACBL Hall of Fame 2019. Congratulations Patty!


Patty is a wonderful teacher. I have enjoyed meeting people in her classes. My favorite class is a Review of Beginning Bridge. Patty was recently inducted into the Bridge Hall of Fame…what more can I say. She’s amazing!
Catherine Peters

Ready to learn bridge or master your game – and have fun while you’re learning?

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See ‘What Would Patty Do?” – a hand-by-hand guide to learning bridge bidding and hands, with real-time examples and Patty’s expert advice.

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