Bridge with Patty – Testimonials

“Our success is showing in our scores”

I was just looking at one of your Red and White booklets and saw a list of
your awards and recognitions.  I know you don’t need my praise, but I can’t
help but tell you how much my wife and I use you as a resource to learn new
things or relearn old ones.

All of your books (I have many) and your U-tube lectures are wonderful.
Thank you for all you do.


I was thrilled when Patty decided to publish in-depth books on bridge conventions. For years I promised myself that I was going to organize my bridge notes into a notebook for easy reference. Instead, I kept filling up drawer space with bridge information that was as unorganized as my old photos that still aren’t in photo books. Now I can quickly reference each subject. Every time I got into trouble bidding I would email the hand to Patty to figure out what I did wrong. Not anymore. Since buying an entire set of “Your Bridge to Conventions” I like to do my own trouble shooting and it’s working! I like the size of the “Your Bridge to Convention” books. I can put one into my purse to study when I have spare time. “Your Bridge to Convention” books are the next best thing to having Patty in the room with you.
Sue M.

Some of the people I played with in the class series that just finished and played the other day, we all said the same thing. We missed you on Monday afternoon! 
Your patience and clarity in explaining bridge to beginners gave us all encouragement and has ignited a love for the game. You may say it has become an addiction! 
I’ve already recommended friends who are thinking of taking it up to enroll in your classes. I also highly recommend purchasing the workbooks at the beginning of the 10-week course. They help immensely in consolidating what you have taught. 
I plan to review and do workbooks in the next several months, but in the Fall, I think I’ll be ready for more lessons.  Have a wonderful summer. We all loved Mondays with Patty. It was wonderful. 

Best regards, Karen

I’ve enjoyed my lessons with you.  They’ve been a great help.  I will be on the lookout for supervised play lesson possibilities with you.  
Thank you. 


Patty presents her lessons in an easy-to-follow manner.  Her worksheets are well thought out and very useful to refer back to after the lesson. She conducts her classes at a comfortable pace for the student, not too fast or too slow and answers all questions that come up with an excellent explanation.  Patty Tucker’s enthusiasm for bridge cannot help but rub off no matter what level the player is! 


Thank you for offering the Bridge in a Day Online series for New and returning players. We learned so much by participating in these thirteen online classes about bidding and play techniques. We certainly benefited from the fun hands-on training and appreciated your workbooks, worksheets, and the recommended resources. The classes gave us an opportunity to play with other participants and we appreciated that you were always willing to help us work with the technology and answer our questions. 
This is a comprehensive program which helped us grasp bidding practices as an opener or responder, taught us about scoring, play of the hand, overcalls, Notrump, Stayman, Jacoby Transfer, Takeout and Negative Double, Week Two and Preempt bids. 
You are a skilled and knowledgeable teacher who shares her love of the game with her students. We look forward learning more from you in future classes. 

Warm regards, Lauren and Philip

 A terrific beginner course, so well organized.”

I have been taking monthly bridge lessons with a group of friends conducted by Patty Tucker for two years. I am extremely satisfied with the lessons and total experience. Patty offers a fun, flexible, low-key, extremely educational lesson with highly professional service. She has immense knowledge and skill coupled with an easy and adaptable style that enables her to mesh well with any group and provide very informative instruction. I unconditionally and enthusiastically recommend Patty. We all now think of Patty as not only a wonderful teacher and leader but as a good friend and a vital member of our group.
Lizzie Crawford

“Marvelous teacher with easy manner.”

We’ve learned an awful lot that will keep us quite busy! You’ve been terrific.  


We have enjoyed your wonderful practical classes on bidding and play of the hand. The workbooks and worksheets are so informative and well laid out.  

Lauren and Phillip

Nice finish to a fine set of classes.  Nice too to have a teacher who loves what she does 


Bridge is something I do just for me, and Patty makes the journey so easy and fun!


I learned so much in this class! I printed the weekly handouts and put them in a notebook and now use them to refresh my memory. It was fun to meet other people and we started playing online together! I highly recommend you sign up for classes! You won’t be disappointed!  


This course was a great review of the basics. Some conventions I thought I understood, I mastered at a greater depth. Others I’d forgotten, or never felt confident using, are now in the tool chest. This was a great way for my partner and me to up our game. And our success is showing in our scores!   


I have been playing bridge for a few years but was missing so many of the basics.  Patty’s classes refined the bidding basics to keep me knowledgeable about the conventions, and bidding.  Patty answered our questions clearly and gave us plenty of practice.  The classes were organized and pdf files were emailed to us prior to the class.  I feel that I gained so much more from her classes.  


“Patty ignited our love for bridge.”

I have always enjoyed Patty’s lectures and example hands. She is so knowledgeable that she can design examples on the spur of the moment that are good fits to the principle or convention of the day. I taught for 32 years and I marvel at the conciseness and fluidity of Patty’s lessons, which are rarely beyond the level of her audience. Patty is the “Queen” of Atlanta bridge.
Harry P Hopkins, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University

I am a grateful student of Patty Tucker, having taken paid group lessons, am attending her Thursday morning lessons, and I am always asking her questions. Patty’s objective in her teaching is to accommodate the needs of her students by asking what bridge skills we need to learn or what problems we have encountered at the bridge table. I did not understand Western Cue – Bid which she taught, and I now understand. Her teaching procedure for these skills, in her well-organized lessons, is to write many examples on the board while giving explanations of how and why. This is done in a slow pace for our understanding with opportunity for questions. I thank Patty Tucker for the talented gifts she has given to me; her well-prepared lessons, her personal warmth, her patience, her time for answering my questions, and fostering in me a desire to keep learning during my bridge journey.
Dorothy Boice

“Patty’s a gem”

Patty is one of those gifted people who can teach anything to anyone! I love her bridge lessons. She is knowledgeable, prepared, humorous, and patient. After my first course, I was hooked on her classes and always look forward to improving my game. She is a treasure.
Margaret McClatchey

You are incredible! Thanks for everything! Hope to take more classes and have told lots of people about you! 

Jo Ann

Patty is a marvelous teacher who combines an easy manner using her encyclopedic knowledge with a true passion for the game.  

Best, John

I can’t say how wonderful Patty Tucker’s introductory bridge course was.  Weekly sessions supported by extensive on line material.  She is a gifted instructor who clearly loves the game.  She is patient, gracious, and unflappable under pressure!  Thank you for helping to make the quarantine more bearable!   


I do want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for offering this terrific beginner course.  It was so well organized and thorough.  You seem to have a knack for anticipating most every question I may have.  For someone who is so expert and accomplished in bridge, you have a wonderfully down to earth and reassuring manner.  I would love to repeat this course next fall!  Any chance of that happening?  I love your whirlwind bridge app. and will content myself with that if I must!  Take care, and thank you again,  


I recently completed the Beginning Bridge Series Classes with Patty Tucker.  She is a gem!    Her teaching method is thorough, well-paced, and enjoyable!   Bridge is complex and can be intense.  Patty’s patience and ability to cater to the individual needs of broad range of student is remarkable.  I highly recommend this course.  I have been able to improve my game dramatically.