What would Patty do?

In this ongoing series, Patty will offer bidding advice for bridge hands.

For a chance to have your hand featured, email us at wwpd@bridgewithpatty.com or text it to 404-735-4779.  Pictures of hands are always appreciated.

Above: Patty Tucker in the Finals of the Platinum Pairs, a three day event only open to invited players and the most prestigious event in the ACBL.

Attracting Youth is Ultimate Puzzle

For card-loving bridge players, attracting youth is the ultimate puzzle. At the North American Bridge championships, thousands showed up to play. But perhaps the hardest puzzle this card game has to solve is how to attract youth.

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A Case for Strong Jump Shifts

We played two over one and we missed the grand on this deal after using Jacoby 2NT.  Look forward to your comments.  Thanks in advance. North ♠ 62 ♥ AJ9872 ♦ AK3 ♣ K7 South ♠ AKJ1087 ♥ KQ64 ♦- ♣ A84 Assuming North opened: Playing strong jump shifts (which is what...

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Not Every Hand is a Winner

Should I bid Two-Way Checkback and sign-off at 2 [diamond]? (this question could have been asked of a standard auction also….should I bid 2 [diamond] since I know partner has four diamonds)

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Low and Safe

What should I bid after Opener’s 2 [club] rebid? I didn’t want to leave him there with a singleton.

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Bid Out Your Pattern

I opened 1[diamond], my partner bid 1[heart] and my RHO passed. I hold: [spade]4 [heart]AQ7 [diamond]AQJ93 [club]KJ73

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Bid your Shape

I get a lot of questions asking ‘What should I bid?’, most of those questions involve figuring out how to get more information. In this hand North has a very good hand but doesn’t know how high to go.

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