The bidding should go in one of two directions.  An aggressive pair:

N          S

1C       1N

2S        3C

3S        4H (in expert circles – cuebidding the ♥A, If South had      really held hearts they would have bid them over 1♣                 therefore this must be a cuebid and invite slam.  It would be unclear whether this was in support of clubs or spades or just a general “I have a good hand”.)

4N       5D

6C        6S (or pass 6C since we have more trumps in clubs than spades)

A conservative player the bidding would go:

N       S

1C     1N

2S      3C

3S      4S  (deciding that since partner has shown 11 cards in the black suits and all of their points are in the red suits….that this is not a good hand)

Remember that in a Reverse, the first suit bid is always longer than the second suit.  So, since rebidding the spades the second time showed 5 spades, North must have 6 clubs.

Also Remember that I play a reverse game forcing, so we could not have passed below the level of game.  It would have been impossible for my partner and I to play 3C.

I confess, I would have “Gone for the Gold”  bid 6S and then probably have been to high.  How did spades break and who had the Queen?  Would I have made 6S if I finessed for the Queen?