As the Dealer, I passed, my left-hand hand opponent opened with a weak 2♥ bid. My partner overcalled 3♦ and I held:
♠ KQ8
♥ JT5
♦ K9865
♣ 97

I cuebid 3♥, showing a limit raise in support of diamonds. Partner would know that I didn’t hold 12-HCP since I had passed originally. I thought, if partner is short in hearts then we have a good chance to make game!
One advantage of cuebidding is that it (saves space on the bidding) and conveniently gives us the option of bidding 3NT on a subsequent bid. This leaves it up to partner to decide the best place to play the hand.
Results: Partner bid 5♦. Making 5.

Partner’s hand?
♠ AJ52
♥ 87
♣ AJ