Instructor Supplies

Instructor Manuals for Weekly Class Instruction – $25.00 – Click here to order
Instructor Manuals for Beginner Class Series Books are Spiral Bound Books.  These contain a complete text of the student workbook on the right-hand pages and Instructor notes on the left-hand page.  Teachers using Bridge with Patty books for their classes will also gain access to the .pbn files of the practice and review hands in the book.  Class books can be purchased for your class at a 20% discount or students can order them direct.

In A Day Instruction Sets –  $150.00 – Click here to order
In A Day Instruction Sets are a one-time purchase giving you the tools needed to conduct a detailed one-day topical workshop.  Each set includes an Instructor Guide, Guided Slides (PowerPoint), and the  PBNs of the Practice Hands.

Practice Hands – $20 to $50 (cost varies on quantity) Contact Patty for ordering
Tired of making up your own hands or trying to find the hands you need?  Bridge with Patty’s library of hands spans over 20 years of teaching at all levels.  Request hands for the topics you need.  Hands can be supplied as a PDF or in any of the ‘bridge machine’ formats need (PBN, LIN, BRI).  Hands contain a commentary on the bidding, play or defensive topic covered. Hands contain a commentary on the bidding, play or defensive topic covered. Cost varies on quantity and topic.  Contact Patty at