Additional Workbooks


A 40-page manual to support the popular Learn Bridge in a Day? introductory seminar. Includes basics of point counting, opening, responding, scoring, and play of the hand. Perfect for true beginners – fast, fun, fundamental.

No Trump Including Stayman and Jacoby Transfers: Bridge Concepts and Practice

Takeout Doubles
The Takeout Double is one of the most useful bids in bridge. Learn another method used by overcaller to enter the auction.

Splinter Bids
Splinter Bids after an Opening Bid of 1H or 1S: Bridge Concepts and Practice Self-Study Workbooks to Improve Your Game
Over 100 practice hands to work on bidding, responding, and rebidding after a Splinter Bid made by Responder to the opening bidder.

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Additional Workbooks

Additional Workbooks Set (4), BIAD, NoTrump, Takeout Doubles, Splinter Bids