Learn bridge from Master Teacher and Grand Life Master, Patty Tucker as she shares tips and insights to improve your bridge game. Become a part of Bridge Chats whether your a beginner just starting out or an experienced player who needs some refresher or some new strategies.


1.  Introduction video

2.  Beginner – Opening Bids

3.  Beginner – Forcing & Non-Forcing Bids

4.  Beginner – Opener Rebids After a Major Suite Raise

5.  Beginner – Responding to Opener

6.  Intermediate – Competitive Bidding

7.  Intermediate – Cuebidding in Competition

8.  Intermediate – The Michaels Cuebid

9.  Intermediate – Other 2 Suite Hands

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I stumbled upon a transfer lesson of yours on youtube.  I have bought 2 Bridge Chats on Vimeo. You are so easy for me to follow. The little phrases you say stick like glue.


I represent the Bridge players at Lenbrook, a retirement facility in Atlanta GA. For several years Patty has come in person to teach us excellent lessons.  Since we cannot have visitors in our facility because of the virus, we purchased Patty’s Bridge Chats.  I simply “mirror” my laptop to a large screen TV.  We now have Patty again at whatever day/time we choose and have our choice of her many lessons from beginners-advanced, plus many tips. Of course we are social distancing while wearing our masks.  Thank you Patty, you are the greatest.