Play and Post-Play Analysis



Play Bridge Base Online (BBO Instructions) and then get a post-play analysis by Patty Tucker.

This is an online method that will allow you to play alone, with a partner or with a table of friends, AND get a detailed analysis of each hand….the bidding, play, and defense! Maximum 8 hands.


Scroll down to see how it works.



Here’s how it would work.

  1. Make a date with your partner to play casual bridge on BBO (BBO Instructions) and a time to meet later with me on Zoom.
  2. Play eight hands maximum and text Patty one of your player’s BBO username when y’all are done.
  3. I will pull up the hands and replay the bidding, play, and defense and make notes.
  4. We will reconvene together for an hour (at our mutually scheduled time) on Zoom to see and discuss the hands and answer any questions that you might have!
Your own personal Supervised Play!


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