You open 1[heart] and Responder bids 2[club], natural, showing 4+ clubs and 10+ HCPs. What next?

How good is your hand?  What are the pros and cons?

The good news….You have eight hearts, a fit in your hand alone.  You have two singletons and your three-card suit has two honors.

The bad news…. You have a singleton in Responder’s suit.  You only hold 11 HCPs. 

Opener has two choices.  3[heart] or 4[heart].  Both of these bids will get us to game.  One eventually (3 hearts is forcing one round), and one immediately.  Both would delete would emphasis long hearts.  If I choose 3[heart], I intend to bid 4[heart] after Responder’s rebid.  If I choose to bid 4[heart] that feels a little bit like I want Responder to pass my game bid.  In the context of this auction 3[heart] followed by 4[heart], sends a stronger message than simply jumping to 4[heart].  I very seldom have an eight-card suit, I think that I should show a stronger hand….but I think it’s very close.