No Double Dipping!

I was North.

I Splintered to show point count. Obviously, I wanted to play in hearts. Should I just have bid game since three of my points were most likely going to be lost?



I think a few things happened to derail this hand.

  1. You forgot that you should not Splinter with a singleton Ace or
  2. Your hand with a singleton King only counts to a16-point hand or so.
    NO DOUBLE DIPPING! Remember, you can’t count points for the singleton and count points for the King; count one or the other. To Splinter as a rebid by Opener, game-forcing values should be around 17+ with consideration of your shortness. This hand is not strong enough to Splinter.
  3. I believe that your partner forgot that 3♠ was a Splinter. Otherwise, she would not have bid 4♠, she should have simply bid 4♥.

So, the auction should have been:

N                     S

1D                   1H

3S                    4S