You are in the Overcall position and your Right Hand Opponent (RHO) opens 1[club].  What should you bid?

Pass.  In the direct seat (the position directly after the opening bidder), I would always pass.  You only have one choice other than Pass and that is a Takeout Double, which would show 11+ HCPs, 3+ cards in the remaining three suits and shortness (0, 1 or 2) in clubs.

Why lie?  Yes,  you have 14 HCPs, but this isn’t a great hand.  You’re 4-3-3-3, you don’t have four cards in either major suit and if your side wins the auction, when you put your hand on the table you’re going to have to apologize to partner for not making a correct systemic bid!  I like to be able to put my hand down proudly!  Not with apologies.