When you have a hand that is too strong to describe in one bid, think about making bids that allow you to extend the auction so that you can either tell your entire story or allows your partner to tell you more about their story.

West has two Options:

  1. Bid a new suit; 3D. As far as your partner is concerned, this is a Help Suit Game Try and will bid 3S. Over 3S; you will bid 4D, a cuebid of a control. At this point, your partner will realize that you have a slam try and will cooperate by showing the Ace H.
  2. Splinter bid. Bid 4C, telling partner you have the values for game with short clubs and asking partner if they have wasted values in clubs. Partner has not wasted values in clubs and should cuebid a control, the Ace H.

Once you have discovered that partner has the Ace H, bidding a slam is easy to do:

Option 1: You will probably reach slam as long as your partner bids 4H over your 4D bid.

Option 2: You will definitely reach slam.